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Le Tourbillon de la vie - Jeanne Moreau: ULTIMATE PIANO KIT (Complete Course + Sheet Music + MIDI File + 2 Training Guides)

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Immerse yourself in the romantic and melancholic world of "Le Tourbillon" by Jeanne Moreau, a masterpiece from the iconic film Jules and Jim. This piano kit is designed to go beyond mere note memorization, introducing you to the art of accompanying a song in various ways suited to your level. Whether you're an absolute beginner or an experienced musician, this kit provides a detailed exploration of accompaniment techniques, allowing you to truly capture the spirit and soul of this timeless melody. Guided by my expert advice and passion for eliciting musical emotion, you'll discover the richness of French song through your piano.

What you'll discover in this Kit:

  1. A complete lesson in several parts: with instructions in French (DO RE MI) and English subtitles (A B C), this structured and captivating approach prepares you to master "Le Tourbillon" with ease.
    • Part 1: Learning the melody: Start with the basics by focusing on the melody to capture the lyrical and poetic essence of the song.
    • Part 2: Accompaniment techniques: Regardless of your level, from beginners to intermediates, learn how to create an accompaniment with your left hand and personalize your interpretation of the piece.
  2. The piano sheet music: Carefully adapted from my own interpretation, this sheet music is aimed at those who wish to express the full nuance and sophistication of the piece.
  3. The MIDI file: An essential tool to accompany your practice, perfect for Synthesia or any digital piano with learning functions.
  4. A Synthesia-type Tutorial: An interactive visual learning method that makes the learning experience both fun and effective.
  5. A Practical Tutorial with Scrolling Sheet Music: Follow my hands on the keyboard and learn with scrolling sheet music, for a complete understanding of fingering and interpretation.

Why this Piano Kit?

This Kit transcends conventional learning by offering you:

  • A meticulously developed pedagogical method that adjusts to your personal progress.
  • Tips to overcome technical obstacles, thus improving your comfort and confidence at the piano.
  • A multimedia immersion that places "Le Tourbillon" under your fingers, transporting you directly into the universe of the film Jules and Jim.

With this kit, you won't just be playing "Le Tourbillon"; you'll deepen your understanding of technique and expression, turning each keypress into a vector of emotion and narrative.

Join me in exploring the feelings and nuances of 'Le Tourbillon'. This kit is much more than a mere music lesson; it's an invitation to share an emotion, your personal interpretation, through the notes. Every note you play becomes a tribute to the complex beauty of this legendary song. Embark on learning this classic and let each note reveal the unique essence of 'Le Tourbillon'.

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Le Tourbillon de la vie - Jeanne Moreau: ULTIMATE PIANO KIT (Complete Course + Sheet Music + MIDI File + 2 Training Guides)

0 ratings
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