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Pull Marine - Isabelle Adjani - ULTIMATE PIANO KIT (Sheet Music, MIDI, Practice Aids, and Full Lesson)

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Embark on a musical adventure with my latest piano kit, this time exploring the captivating title "Pull Marine" by Isabelle Adjani. This kit goes beyond merely reproducing the notes to capture the spirit and atmosphere of this iconic song. Designed for pianists of all levels, it invites you to dive into the unique universe of French song, guided by my expertise and passion for awakening music.

What you will discover in this Kit:

  • A complete lesson in three parts: in French (DO RE MI) with English subtitles (A B C). I've structured the learning process into three clear parts for a methodical and engaging approach to mastering this captivating melody.
    • Part 1: The Main Melody: Start with the basics, focusing on the main melody to grasp the soul of "Pull Marine".
    • Part 2: Two Accompaniment Approaches: Suitable for different levels - beginners and intermediates - I present two methods to enrich your accompaniment, allowing you to tailor the piece to your style and skill level.
    • Part 3: Enriching the Melody with Chords: This section guides you on how to beautify the melody by integrating chords to be played with the right hand. Discover how these harmonies can transform and deepen your interpretation of "Pull Marine," adding emotional depth and sonic richness to the piece.
  • A Piano Sheet Music: True to my own interpretation, it is designed for those who aim to capture the full depth and sophistication of the piece.
  • A MIDI File: A valuable complement to the sheet music, for your practice with Synthesia or a digital piano with learning function.
  • A Synthesia Tutorial: For a dynamic visual learning experience, making learning fun and effective.
  • A Practical Tutorial with Scrolling Sheet Music and view of my hands: Learn alongside me, focusing on technical and expressive details, not just to play the notes, but to tell the story behind "Pull Marine".

Why this Piano Kit?

This Kit transcends conventional learning by offering:

  • A carefully developed pedagogical progression, adapting to your learning pace.
  • Strategies to overcome common technical challenges, thus increasing your comfort and confidence at the piano.
  • A complete multimedia immersion that transports you to the heart of "Pull Marine," directly under your fingers.

With this kit, you won't just learn to play "Pull Marine"; you'll refine your technique and expressiveness, making each touch a vector of emotion and narrative.

Join me on this journey through the nuances and feelings of 'Pull Marine'. This kit is much more than just a music lesson; it's about sharing an emotion, your interpretation, through the notes. Let every note you play testify to the beauty and complexity of this timeless work. Embark on mastering this classic, and let every note express the unique essence of 'Pull Marine'.

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Pull Marine - Isabelle Adjani - ULTIMATE PIANO KIT (Sheet Music, MIDI, Practice Aids, and Full Lesson)

0 ratings
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