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Hymne à l'amour - Edith Piaf - ULTIMATE PIANO KIT (Sheet Music, MIDI, Practice Aids, and Full Lesson)

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Embark on a musical odyssey with my latest Song Kit, this time exploring the timeless classic "Hymne à l'Amour" by the iconic Édith Piaf. This kit encapsulates not just the notes, but the soul of one of the most heartfelt love songs ever penned. Crafted for pianists of all skill levels, it’s an invitation to dive deep into the heart of French chanson, guided by my expertise and passion for bringing music to life.

What You’ll Uncover in This Kit:

  • A Comprehensive Four-Part Lesson: In French (DO RE MI) with English Subtitles (A B C).I’ve broken down the learning process into four digestible parts, ensuring a structured and effective approach to mastering this piece.
    • Part 1: Simple Right Hand: Start with the basics, focusing on the melody with your right hand, without chords, to get a solid grasp of the song's essence.
    • Part 2: Three Ways to Play the Left Hand: Catering to all levels - beginners, intermediate, and advanced - I present three distinct methods to play the left hand, ensuring you find the approach that suits your current level and aspiration.
    • Part 3: Adding Chords with the Right Hand: Elevate your rendition by integrating chords with the right hand, enriching the melody and depth of the piece.
    • Part 4: Bridge Explanation: I dissect the bridge, guiding you through its complexities and teaching you how to seamlessly connect the song's sections.
  • Mastering Anticipation: A key focus of this kit is helping you overcome hesitation. Learn the art of anticipation - how to prepare your hands and play smoothly, ensuring a flowing, stress-free performance that captures the song's emotive power.
  • 2 Sheet Music: One true to my rendition for those seeking depth and complexity, and a simpler version designed for beginners.
  • 2 MIDI Files: Complementing the sheet music, these files are indispensable for practicing, offering a precise emulation of both versions.
  • A Synthesia-Type Tutorial: For visual learners, this engaging tutorial makes learning both fun and effective.
  • Hands-On Tutorial with Scrolling Sheet Music: Experience learning alongside me, with a focus on fingering and expression, ensuring you not only play the notes but tell the song’s story.

Why This Song Kit? This Song Kit transcends traditional learning methods, offering:

  • A nuanced, layered approach to learning, adaptable to your pace and level.
  • Insight into overcoming common playing challenges, enhancing both your confidence and performance fluidity.
  • An immersive, multi-media learning experience that brings the beauty of "Hymne à l'Amour" to your fingertips.
  • With the lesson, you don't just learn to play this song; you enhance your overall playing by learning smooth transitions and expressive performance techniques..

Your Invitation to Learn: "Let’s journey through the melodies and emotions of 'Hymne à l'Amour' together. This Song Kit isn’t just about playing a song; it’s about conveying a story, your story, through music. With each note, express love that transcends time and space. Begin your journey to mastering this classic, and let every key you press be a testament to the power of love."

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Hymne à l'amour - Edith Piaf - ULTIMATE PIANO KIT (Sheet Music, MIDI, Practice Aids, and Full Lesson)

0 ratings
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